Smokers priced out of duty-paid market

| May 20, 2014

The consumption in the U.K. of tobacco products that have not had U.K. duty paid on them is said to be on the rise again, according to a story by Guy Bentley for City A.M, quoting figures from HM Revenue and Customs.

Non-U.K.-duty-paid (NUKDP) products accounted for 16 percent of the cigarette market during the financial year 2012–2013, while NUKDP products accounted for 48 percent of the roll-your-own tobacco market.

These figures were said to represent the first increase in the consumption of NUKDP products in recent years, though the story did not indicate what the previous consumption levels were.

The story suggested that the increase had been caused by tax increases since 2010 and said that a significant proportion of the increase was down to black market activity.

Counterfeit hand-rolling tobacco is said to be a growing problem.

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