Gamucci’s sights on medicines approval

| June 19, 2014

Adrian Marshall2Gamucci Corporation has set up a new scientific products division and appointed Adrian Marshall (pictured) as divisional CEO.

In a press note, the company said it had established the new division with the aim of setting the benchmark for innovation and quality in the e-cigarette industry, and ensuring Gamucci products met future regulatory requirements.

Marshall is said to have a strong background and reputation in the tobacco and nicotine product sectors. He has previously held a number of senior roles with British American Tobacco, including director of BAT’s Global Harm Reduction Programme; managing director of its nicotine products business, Nicoventures; group head of regulation and corporate and social responsibility; and vice president sales and marketing in Japan.

“Gamucci is committed to developing e-cigarettes that receive marketing authorization from the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the U.K. and other regulatory authorities in the EU and elsewhere,” Gamucci said in a press note.

“As an expert in the field, Adrian will lead a team of specialists and expert advisors to develop new Gamucci products that will meet future regulatory requirements and provide smokers with the highest-quality alternatives to tobacco cigarettes.”

“This new division will set the benchmark for quality and innovation,” said Tony Scanlan, CEO of Gamucci. “The rest of the sector will be challenged to meet our developments, which will continue to demonstrate that Gamucci is a technology leader. The division will enable our products to meet and exceed the demands of regulatory agencies and assure our customers that Gamucci products are of the highest quality. As head of this exciting new division, Adrian will bring a wealth of knowledge to Gamucci and will add tremendous value as a member of the board and management team.”

Marshall was quoted as saying that he had been impressed with Gamucci’s leadership in product design and its commitment, through its wholly owned factory, to developing and manufacturing the highest-quality e-cigarettes on the market today. “I am delighted to be joining this ambitious and innovative business and look forward to working with the board in capitalizing on the many opportunities ahead,” he added.

Meanwhile, Taz Sheikh, director and co-founder of Gamucci, said his company had raised the bar a number of times since its entry into the industry in 2007. “Gamucci was responsible for developing the world’s first disposable cigarette in 2008, and we have proprietary core cartomizer technology, which is now widely copied and for which we have secured a U.K. patent,” he said. “Adrian’s team will help to ensure that Gamucci continues to lead the industry through innovation and quality.”

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