Low-nicotine U.S. cigarette brand to be made in Poland, distributed within EU

| June 3, 2014

A company based in Clarence, New York, USA, has signed a deal under which its tobacco products will be made by a Polish cigarette manufacturer for distribution within the EU, according to a story by Tracey Drury for Business First of Buffalo.

Goodrich Tobacco Company, a subsidiary of 22nd Century Group, which makes low-nicotine cigarettes for the commercial market and for government sources for smoking cessation, has signed a letter of intent with Orion, a cigarette manufacturer based in Poland.

Under the agreement, Goodrich is due to export its tobacco to Orion, where the finished cigarettes will be made under Goodrich’s brand names, beginning with Gold Magic, a cigarette that, it is said, “contains 97 percent less nicotine than traditional light cigarettes.”

The deal follows a previously announced agreement between Goodrich and Wilshire Marketing for the distribution of Gold Magic brand in the Benelux region.

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