Views sought on outdoor public-places vaping ban

| October 23, 2015

A council in Wales is facing criticism for asking in a public consultation whether the use of electronic cigarettes should be banned in outdoor public places, according to a story by Oli Gross for the Morning Advertiser.

The assembly member for South Wales, Peter Black, has questioned Swansea Council’s inclusion of vaping in a smoking ban consultation, saying that the two activities should not be equated.

The Welsh Government’s Public Health Bill allows Welsh ministers to outlaw smoking in public places.

Swansea Council said it hasn’t made a decision about smoking or vaping in public places but wants to encourage debate about voluntary smoke-free areas in public places that go beyond current legislation.

Earlier this year, the Welsh Government said that from 2017 the use of electronic cigarettes in enclosed public places would be banned.

That decision met with fierce opposition from the pub industry.

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