More cigarettes seized but smuggling problem huge

| December 29, 2015

The number of cigarette-smuggling interceptions in Vietnam fell this year, but the number of cigarettes seized increased, according to a story in Vietnam News.

Nearly 9,700 cases of smuggling, involving 6,000 people, were detected and prosecution was initiated in 179 cases against 263 people.

More than 10 million cigarette packs were confiscated this year and, as a consequence VND21 billion (US$932,000) was collected as fines and added to the state budget.

This was announced at a summary meeting held by the national steering board on the prevention of smuggling, fake goods and commercial cheating (steering board 398) on December 23 in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Chairman of Viet Nam Cigarette Association Vu Van Cuong said the number of cases involving cigarette smuggling this year fell by 30 percent compared with those of last year,

The number of people involved in the trade fell also, but the number of cigarette packs seized was up by 19 percent.

‘Given that smuggled Jet and Hero cigarettes account for 80 percent of the total cigarette consumption in Viet Nam, the Viet Nam Cigarette Association has suggested to the relevant authorities that the brand registration of Jet and Hero cigarettes of Indonesia’s Sumatra Tobacco Trade Company should be suspended in Viet Nam,’ the story said.

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