New Zealand missing 2025 smoke-free-status goals

| January 12, 2016

Leading tobacco researchers and public health advocates have accused the New Zealand government of not doing enough to address the causes of tobacco-related harm among Māori, according to a Māori Television report.

Māori smoking rates are said to have hardly changed since 2011.

The researchers have produced a review of the government’s actions following publication of the Māori Affairs Select Committee’s 2010 recommendations for addressing tobacco-related harm.

It is said to show that little to no progress has been made on several key measures recommended in the committee’s report.

‘Only eight out of 42 recommendations have been fully implemented and we believe the failure to complete or adequately advance the remaining 34 recommendations is hindering progress towards the smoke-free 2025 goal, particularly for Māori,’ the review authors said

The parliamentary committee’s report made 42 recommendations to the government, including the goal of making New Zealand a smoke-free nation by 2025; a goal that the government endorsed.

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