UK government consulting on e-cigarette fees

| January 12, 2016

The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is asking for feedback on proposals to introduce fees for issuing notifications allowing electronic cigarettes to be placed on the UK market.

The notifications are a requirement of the new EU Tobacco Products Directive.

The consultation is due to close on January 29 and the implementation date for the changes is May 20.

‘This proposal introduces new fees for producers and importers of e-cigarettes in order for MHRA to cover the costs of processing the notifications and carrying out post-marketing vigilance work,’ the MHRA said in a note describing the consultation.

‘The fees passed on to business will be the minimum possible to ensure the costs incurred by MHRA are recovered…

‘To respond to the consultation you should email the proforma in Annex B of the consultation document to with “Fees Consultation MLX 390” as the subject.’

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