Azerbaijan to double leaf cultivation

| February 10, 2016

Azerbaijan will increase tobacco prices and leaf cultivation in 2016, according to a local news report. The number of tobacco-related jobs is expected to grow to 8,000.

The announcement was made after a meeting between the government official and representatives of tobacco manufacturing and processing companies.

“In the course of the meeting the parties covered the tobacco-growing prospects in Azerbaijan and reps of enterprises suggested to exempt them from seed import tax, expand subsidized lending and subsidizing,” a government spokesman was quoted as saying.

During the meeting the officials said that measures will be taken to increase the interest of entrepreneurs in the field of tobacco growing and conditions will be created for the expansion of providing farmers with subsidized loans and leasing services.

Compared with last year, area under tobacco cultivation will be doubled to 3,000 acres.

The price for 1 kg top-grade green leaf has reportedly been set at azn0.25 ($0.16), up from azn0.16 in 2015.

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