New book takes on WHO policies

| February 15, 2016
Patrick Basham

Patrick Basham

The World Health Organization enables terrorism through the promotion of illicit trade-inducing measures, such as high cigarettes taxes and plain packaging, argues strategic and foreign policy expert Patrick Basham in his latest book.

Scared of US! How an M&M foreign policy can rescue America from Obama & Hillary’s Kumbaya world, is billed as a strategic guide to saving America from a world where her allies don’t trust her and her enemies don’t fear her.

Basham applies Sun Tzu’s classic The Art of War to today’s global environment to advocate a new national security model: “muscular minimalism.”

An M&M foreign policy would see America doing less around the world, while being better equipped and prepared advance a more narrowly defined and better prioritized set of national interests, such as the destruction of Islamic State within months, not years.

Basham is director of the Democracy Institute, an independent policy research organization with offices in London and Washington. He is also the host of the Tobacco Reporter’s Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum.

Scared of US! is published by the Democracy Institute.



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