Smoking-cessation filter

| February 15, 2016

A Florida inventor has designed a smoking-cessation aid that consists of an filter infused with a herbal formula.

Named Unic, the device could reportedly provide increased filtration and may improve the chances that the individual will quit smoking. The accessory could reduce the amount of toxins that are inhaled when smoking a filtered cigarette, according to the inventor.

The aid is designed for easy application to any standard cigarette.

The accessory can be made from paper, plastic, cotton and aluminum. The filter would be imbued with S.S.T.M.—a secret formula of herbal and artificial materials designed to improve filtration and boost flavor, according to the inventor.

To use, the device is fitted onto the existing filter of a cigarette via soft push or twist. Once in place, the user smokes the cigarette normally.

The filter can also be equipped with a turbo fan that is activated by breathing. The turbo fan homogenizes and evenly distributes the smoke inhaled into the device so that there is increased contact between the active surfaces of the filter section and the smoke particles themselves.

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