Cypriot farmers to fill Syrian gap

| April 28, 2016

A cooperative in Cyprus is aiming to kickstart tobacco production after a 12-year gap, according to a local press report.

The Karpas Tobacco Cooperative had been operating since 1974, producing up to 60 tons of tobacco a year.

However, the last harvest was in 2004, after growers failed to find a market for their leaf.

As tobacco production in Syria—Cyprus’ biggest competitor—plummeted in the wake of civil war, a gap in the market appeared.

The Karpas cooperative is up and running again, with villagers having already finished this year’s planting. The plants should begin to sprout in April/May, before harvesting in June.

The seeds planted were imported from Turkey and produce an aromatic tobacco for pipe smoking.

Before this round of planting, the farmers in Karpas had grown Yayla tobacco. They believe the Turkish variety will prove more commercially successful.


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