Goebel reports biggest order yet

| April 18, 2016

The Goebel IMS_Optima Z, ready for delivery

Goebel IMS, a global provider of slitting/rewinding equipment headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, recently completed the biggest order in its history.

The company delivered nine machines, worth almost €10 million ($11.3 million), to Zhejiang HuaFeng Paper Technology Co., a leading cigarette paper manufacturer in China.

The order included seven Optima Z machines and two U 16s series. All machines were built at Goebel’s Darmstadt factory.

“This is the biggest single order in our company history of 160 years and we are delighted to supply our longtime partner HuaFeng Paper with our slitting and winding solutions for the highest quality and efficiency in the production process,” says Harald Knechtel, managing director of sales and marketing at Goebel.

A longtime customer, HuaFeng Paper now has 25 Goebel machines.






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