Retailers under threat

| April 15, 2016

Malaysia’s small and medium retail segment last year lost out on about RM500 million of business to the illegal cigarette trade, according to a story in the Rakyat Post quoting citing figures from the Malaysia Singapore Coffeshop Proprietors General Association (MSCSPGA).

In a statement, president Ho Su Mong said legal cigarette retail sales had fallen by 30 percent after cigarette prices had been increased following a 40 percent rise in tax last year.

Due to the increase in the prices of licit tobacco products, more smokers had opted for illicit cigarettes, he said, and the viability of many retailers was now in question.

Ho urged the government to take another look at the situation because cigarettes were the main contributors to the retailers’ revenues.

He also called on MSCSPGA’s members to continue working with government agencies to tackle the illegal cigarette trade, which was now rampant.

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