API adds shot-stamping foil color

| June 23, 2016

Brand enhancement specialist API has added a new color to its PG range of pigment hot-stamping foils. The luxurious, deep red Amaranth shade provides eye-catching, on-trend tops that are relevant across a range of other hot stamping applications.

Luxury and premium goods manufacturers need their packaging to effectively convey both the product’s qualities and their brand values. Deep, luxurious colors that interact with the latest print technologies and add a highly tactile finish, can help achieve that goal, according to API.

“Customers were asking for a richly romantic red to link with the latest color trends, so we developed and launched the graceful, nostalgic Amaranth shade to provide the high impact results their packaging demanded,” says Hester McQueen, marketing executive at API. “Our PG Foils add real depth of color and opacity when applied.”

Hot stamping foils ensure the best, most reflective finish of all coating processes, and are also the most versatile for use on different materials and substrates. The heat and pressure used to stamp the pigment foil simultaneously flatten the contours of the substrate, providing a smooth surface printing area and allowing clean, high quality text and graphics to be achieved on uneven, rough and textured surfaces.

“Our PG hot stamping foil is ideal for application, as it lends that extra wow-factor that inks can lack,” says Hester. “We’re delighted with the final result of the Amaranth color, and are confident that its premium deep metallic finish will provide that magic boost to help convince customers to buy the product.”


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