Call to bar smokers from jobs market

| July 27, 2016

In Malaysia, a Kedah state executive councilor has proposed that only non-smokers should be considered for jobs in the public or private sectors, according to a story in The Rakyat Post.

Datuk Dr. Leong Yong Kong, who is in charge of the health portfolio, said on Monday that such a restriction could be a prelude to efforts to stop people from smoking and to inculcate a healthy lifestyle among the workforce.

“If this proposal is approved, people will have the notion that it is difficult to get employed if you smoke, thus forcing job-seekers to kick the habit,” he said in a speech at the launch of the ‘state-level World No Tobacco Day 2016’ in Langkawi.

He said civil servants could take the lead in kicking the smoking habit and, in doing so, help reduce serious health problems in the country.

“Our vision to free society from cigarette smoking can only be achieved through unity and involvement of all levels of society,” Leong said.

After the ceremony, Leong said the no-smoking condition for job-seekers was his personal recommendation and he welcomed the views of all parties on the matter.

“There will definitely be people who will argue this is a basic human right and it cannot be implemented… but it is up to the public to discuss this together,” he said.

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