Grower prices way down

| August 11, 2016

Zimbabwe’s 2016 flue-cured tobacco marketing season came to a close on Friday with the average grower price more than nine percent below that of eight years ago.

According to a story in The Herald, during this year’s 90-day sales season, 194.5 million kg of flue-cured was sold for US$572 million, at an average price of US$2.94 per kg.

During the 2015 marketing season, when many growers complained that prices did not meet the cost of production, they were paid an average of US$2.94 per kg for 191.9 million kg.

In 2008, Zimbabwe’s growers sold 44.6 million kg for an average price of US$3.24 per kg, while in 2014 they were paid an average of US$3.17 per kg for 209.1 million kg of flue-cured.

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