Kenya average leaf price increased

| August 16, 2016

British American Tobacco Kenya says that the average price it paid for leaf tobacco during the 2016 purchasing season, KS175 (US$1.73) per kg, was increased on that of the 2015 season, KS167 (US$1.65) per kg, according to a story in Business Day Africa.

Based on these figures, the increase was about 4.8 percent.

BAT is paying KS1.31 billion (US$12.9 million) for the crop, which was said to be 5.6 up on what it paid for the previous crop.

However, growers delivered only 7.5 million tonnes of tobacco to BAT during the 2016 sales season, which ended in May, after adverse weather caused production to drop by 0.5 million kg from that of the previous season.

BAT said that it had 5,546 tobacco growers under contract during the season that ended in 2016, compared to 5,537 growers during the previous season.

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