Warehouses burn in Plovdiv

| August 22, 2016

The residents of a street in the southern Bulgarian town of Plovdiv had to be evacuated when fire broke out at tobacco warehouses over the weekend, according to a Focus News Agency story.

Seven teams of firefighters were said to have fought to extinguish the flames engulfing the warehouses on Ivan Vazov street.

The fire was said to be visible on the rooves of the two buildings and seemed to be spreading. Two police teams were at the scene to divert traffic away from the area.

Dozens of residents of the city gathered at the scene, with some concerned that another emblem of the city was being destroyed, while others worried that the fire might spread beyond the perimeter of the premises.

A spokesman for the Regional Directorate of Fire Safety and Population Protection in Plovdiv said it was unknown what had caused the fire in the warehouses.

But he added that the damage caused by the fire would be “significant”.

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