BAT issues corporate behavior report

| September 6, 2016

British American Tobacco has published its 2016 Corporate Behaviour Report.

In a press note issued yesterday, BAT said that its commitment to operating to the highest standards of corporate conduct was the focus of this, its latest report.

‘Corporate conduct is one of three key areas – the other two being harm reduction and sustainable agriculture and farmer livelihoods – that together comprise British American Tobacco’s Sustainability Agenda, a key strategic pillar for the business’s long-term success,’ the company said.

‘This new report demonstrates British American Tobacco’s continued commitment to upholding the highest standards of corporate conduct and transparency wherever it operates, and how the company is working to address challenges in order to grow the business for the shared value of both shareholders and society.’

The report covers the work that BAT is doing in a number of areas, including: marketing responsibly; contributing to communities; strengthening its approach to human rights; promoting standards for vapor products; safeguarding its people; collaborating to tackle the illegal tobacco trade; reducing its environmental impacts; and upholding high standards of corporate governance.

“Being in a controversial industry has meant we have long been aware of our responsibilities and the importance of operating to the highest standards of corporate conduct and transparency,” said CEO Nicandro Durante.

“Our corporate behavior – how we behave and the standards that we adhere to in how we operate – is one of the three key areas that underpins, and is crucial to, our long-term success, and forms the foundation of our culture and values.

“As this report shows, we’re striving to remain at the forefront of best practice and to build upon our approach to meet new challenges and opportunities. I am confident in our future as a sustainable, trustworthy and forward-looking company of the 21st century.”

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