Illegal trade entrenched

| September 13, 2016

During new research commissioned by the UK’s Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association (TMA), 70 percent of smokers admitted to buying tobacco products from non-UK-shop sources.

The survey of 12,000 smokers was conducted in June.

“The government’s high tax policy is shifting consumers towards illegal sources,

losing the treasury billions of pounds in lost tax,” said the TMA’s director general, Giles Roca, in reacting to the results of the survey.

“This survey also shows that black marketers are becoming more sophisticated in their sales techniques and are increasingly using social media to reach new customers.”

According to the research, there are differences across the UK’s 12 regions and nations. London, for instance, has the highest proportion of smokers using non-shop sources, the most prominent illegal Internet sales activity, and the most visible underage selling activity.

Smokers in the North East are the most aware of illicit tobacco in their area, and the North East had the highest proportion of respondents who believed that tobacco prices in the UK were excessive.

The average price for a pack of 20 illicit cigarettes in the UK is £4.11, with the lowest average price being £3.79 in Yorkshire & Humberside, and the highest being £4.69 in London.

The average UK recommended retail price for 20 duty-paid premium cigarettes is £9.61.

Meanwhile, the average price for an illicit 50g pouch of roll your own tobacco is £6.88, with the lowest average price being £6.55 in the West Midlands and the highest being £7.14 in the East of England.

The average UK recommended retail price for a 50g pouch of duty-paid RYO is £19.66.

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