PMI issues first scientific update

| September 7, 2016

Philip Morris International yesterday published its first Reduced-Risk Product (RRP) Scientific Update, which describes its research efforts aimed at developing and assessing a range of potentially reduced-risk alternatives to cigarettes.

‘The Update is meant to provide scientists, regulators and others a summary of PMI’s product development and assessment approach as well an overview of the latest studies, key peer-reviewed publications and presentations at scientific conferences,’ said a note published on PMI’s website. ‘It is an important complement to PMI’s ongoing efforts to share its latest science, which include a dedicated website (’

Professor Manuel Peitsch, PMI’s chief scientific officer said that PMI was making significant efforts to develop and scientifically assess innovative products that generate a vapor in which harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke are significantly reduced or eliminated, while the taste, sensory experience and ritual characteristics of smoking are preserved as much as possible.

“Along with many public health experts, we believe innovative products backed up by solid science can play an important role to reduce the harm of smoking,” he said.

“Sharing our methodologies and findings allows feedback and review from external experts and regulators and can encourage further research in the field.”

PMI says that its research is inspired by the well-recognized practices of the pharmaceutical industry and is in line with the guidance of the US Food and Drug Administration for Modified-Risk Tobacco Products (MRTPs).

‘The company today employs over 300 world-class scientists who conduct rigorous research, including laboratory and clinical studies, as well as ground-breaking systems toxicology,’ the note said. ‘The assessment program also includes studies on actual product use and correct understanding of product communications, as well as post-market research.’

Michele Cattoni, PMI’s vice president of technology and operations said: “Technological innovation is transforming our industry with a wide range of non-combustible nicotine products that have the potential to represent significantly reduced-risk alternatives compared to smoking. PMI has been, and will continue to be, a driving force in this transformation. Our ambition is that ultimately reduced-risk alternatives replace cigarettes to the benefit of smokers, society and our company.”

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