Another call for US graphic warnings

| November 17, 2016

The American Medical Association (AMA) is calling for graphic warning labels to be included on US cigarette packs and for the imposition of a minimum age of 21 for the purchase of all tobacco products.

In a press note, the AMA said that it had adopted policies at its Interim Meeting reaffirming its long-time commitment to preventing tobacco use amongst young people. ‘The policies ask the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] to require tobacco companies to add color, graphic warning labels to all cigarette packages, and call for raising the minimum legal purchase age of all tobacco products to 21,’ the note said.

‘According to a recent study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, raising the minimum legal purchase age of tobacco products to 21 could result in a 12-percent decrease in smoking prevalence amongst the nation’s youth.’

“As part of the AMA’s effort to improve the health of the nation, the policies adopted today further our long-time commitment to keeping all harmful tobacco products out of the hands of young people,” said AMA board member William E. Kobler, M.D.

“California and Hawaii have already raised the minimum legal purchase age of tobacco products to 21, and we encourage all states to follow suit.

“We also call on the … FDA … to act now to submit a new proposed rule that would require all cigarette packages to include graphic warning labels depicting the negative health consequences of smoking.”

The AMA said it had issued a comment letter to the FDA in 2011 when the FDA released its initial proposed rule to add graphic labels, and that it would continue to advocate for more stringent policies to protect the nation’s young people from the harmful effects of tobacco use.

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