Military fencing with foil

| November 17, 2016

The North Korean regime’s latest weapon in its attempt to foil the West comes in a cigarette pack, according to a story on Radio Free Asia.

Pyongyang is said to be enlisting citizens to collect the packs’ aluminium-foil liners for use as military camouflage.

North Korean authorities say that the foil and other materials are being used to cover sensitive military facilities because the foil interferes with satellite photography and thereby allows the military to keep its secrets more easily.

A source in North Hamgyong province was said to have told RFA that facilities at the Rochon military base in the province were now covered by foil.

“It is used specifically as a camouflage net for anti-aircraft machine guns deployed near the Sunam market,” the source said. “It has become an attraction to many residents.”

The surveillance organization, In-Min-Ban, was said this month to have urged schools and other organizations to collect the inner liners.

One source said that if a North Korean didn’t smoke or collect much foil, the authorities would take cash in lieu of the material.

“In-Min-Ban asks people who cannot offer tinfoil to pay cash instead,” said the source. “The authorities say it’s to support the North Korea People’s Army, but most people think it’s just an excuse to collect money.”

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