Nice work if you can get it

| November 1, 2016

There were 1,662 violations of a ban on smoking near subway stations in Seoul, South Korea, during the first month after the ban was imposed on September 1, according to a story in The Korea Times citing Seoul Metropolitan government figures.

In May, Seoul introduced a trial ban on smoking within 10 meters of subway entrances, but, after the trial ended it employed more than 1,400 government officials in a major crackdown on offenders.

“In the initial stage, offenders would often insult the regulators or refuse to give their identification cards,” a city official told Yonhap News Agency.

“Sometimes the conflicts got out of hand and police had to be called two or three times a day.”

However, the official said the new law was settling in.

“Most people are now following the law,” the official said.

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