Time for the truth about vaping

| November 29, 2016

A public health expert in the US has said that the dishonesty displayed by the opponents of vaping is out of control and that urgent action is needed to deal with the situation.

In his blog, The Rest of the Story, Dr. Siegel, a professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health, wrote that the misleading information being spread to the public by vaping opponents, including prominent health agencies such as federal, state, and local health departments, is out of control.

‘It threatens to do immense public health damage by protecting cigarette sales at the expense of a much safer alternative – electronic cigarettes – and at the same time it also threatens the reputation of public health agencies,’ he wrote. Siegel used his blog to highlight four examples of misinformation about electronic cigarettes from vaping opponents, representing four levels of health groups: international, US national, state, and local.

In conclusion he said that for years the health community had attacked the tobacco companies for misleading the public about the health effects of smoking. Now the health community was misleading the public.

‘We need to be beyond reproach in our dissemination of information, and especially recommendations, to the public,’ he said…

‘Honesty is the best policy. In a political climate that is full of dishonesty, I think the last place we need more of it is in public health.’

The Rest of the Story is at: http://tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/dishonesty-of-vaping-opponents-health.html

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