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| June 29, 2017

British American Tobacco has invested more than $1.5 billion dollars during the past six years to develop and commercialize alternative and potentially less-risky products, according to a press note issued yesterday by Imperial Tobacco Canada (ITCAN).

‘This has been a strategic priority for the group for many years’, the note said.

‘Through the creation of inspiring products, we can drive change.

‘At the heart of this is our commitment and desire to reduce the health impact of smoking.’

The note was issued ahead of a press conference that is due to be held in Vancouver, Canada, on July 6, attended by BAT’s managing director of Next Generation Products, Kingsley Wheaton, who is based in London, UK.

Wheaton will be accompanied by ITCAN’s president and CEO, Jorge Araya, and its head of external and corporate affairs, Eric Gagnon.

According to the note, Araya and Gagnon will be ‘open to discuss Canada’s lack of a cohesive regulatory framework for next generation products and the challenges created by this regulatory environment’.


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