Recruiting for nicotine study

| September 28, 2017

Participants are being sought for a US study to assess nicotine uptake from electronic- and combustible-cigarettes, according to a note on the website.

The stated purpose of the study, which is being sponsored by RAI Services Company, a subsidiary of Reynolds American, is: ‘To determine the rate and amount of nicotine uptake with 10-minute ad libitum use of five different marketed electronic cigarettes, or one combustible cigarette (CC). Furthermore, to measure overall product liking by subjects to assess potential willingness to seek out the Electronic Cigarette (EC) again in the future.’

The website described the study as ‘a single-center, randomized, open-label, parallel study during which up to 210 healthy adult subjects [21-60 years of age], consisting of 35 subjects per product group, will be enrolled’.

‘Subjects will be evaluated for plasma nicotine uptake, as well as overall product liking,’ according to the description.

‘The study will involve the use of five different marketed ECs or one CC in tobacco consumers who are exclusive smokers (i.e., naïve EC users) or dual users of cigarettes and ECs (i.e., intermittent EC users).’


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