Call to ban cigarettes

| October 5, 2017

A leading Australian health researcher has called for a total ban on combustible cigarettes after a new study found that millions of deaths could be prevented if smokers switched to electronic cigarettes, according to a story by Melissa Cunningham for

Menzies School of Health researcher Dr. Marita Hefler says the rapid evolution of alternative nicotine products, such as e-cigarettes, meant outlawing combustible tobacco, including cigarettes, was now possible.

“Any other consumer product that kills up to two-thirds of its long-term users remaining legal is unimaginable,” Hefler was quoted as saying.

“Even if the political will had existed for a sales ban, until recently, no products could match the nicotine delivery efficiency of combustible tobacco with substantially less harm, rendering a sales ban a non-viable option due to the risk of a black market.”

Hefler’s push comes in the wake of findings of a new study in the US which examined the health impacts of a large-scale switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes. The results of the study were reported here on October 3 under the heading Vaping a life saver.

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