HNB in wider distribution

| November 15, 2017

US-based Vapor Tobacco Manufacturing (VTM) says that Tobacco Superstores, one of the largest tobacco store chains in the US, and Tobacco Town are offering its ‘3T® organic-technology heat-not-burn products’ in all their Arkansas stores.

In a press note issued yesterday, VTM said that 3T® Organic was the first and only HNB product available on the US market.

‘Customer feedback shows that 3T® Organic heat-not-burn devices are user-friendly, durable, economical, and have a “real” cigarette taste,’ VTM said in its note.

‘This is due to the Vapor Tobacco Manufacturing’s 3T® Organic heat-not-burn device which uses their patented liquefied tobacco from organic tobacco leaves, which is heated not burned, unlocking the rich, true tobacco flavor that is loved.’

3T® Organic Rechargeable was described as the only electronic nicotine delivery system that used USDA-certified organic ingredients.


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