New adhesive system

| November 14, 2017

Brand enhancement specialist API has made a breakthrough in the performance of its metalized polyester film laminates with the introduction of a new adhesive system.

Having been successfully trialed through a rigorous testing program, the new adhesive offers improved peel strength, reducing the risk of delamination during subsequent manufacturing processes.

“This new development is another in the long line of innovations API has brought to market,” said Richard Burhouse, commercial director at API.

“It’s a perfect example of how customers are becoming more demanding of the materials they use, particularly where registered film laminates are concerned and we have responded to stay ahead of the game.”

The new adhesive system delivers high bond strengths without being excessively pressure sensitive, meaning that the resulting laminate offers a wider operating window to down-stream processes such as die cutting where there is a risk of the cutting action initiating delamination on the edges.

It is also highly water resistant, offers improved temperature stability and is compatible with API’s unique registration control system, which allows pre-imaged laminated board to be printed in register during subsequent conversion steps..

“The new adhesive is complementary to the existing range of approved systems available and it allows our technical and quality colleagues to work in partnership with customers to specify the most appropriate product for the job at a time when packaging is becoming ever more sophisticated,” said Richard.

“This development is another great example of how we constantly seek new ways to offer our customers an enhanced service and more importantly look to be a solutions provider in our field of expertise.”


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