FSFW calls for public input

| December 1, 2017

The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World (FSFW) is launching two online processes designed to inform and guide the Foundation’s long-term research initiatives.

The first is a public comment period to solicit input on research priorities. The second is a call for letters of intent for early scoping grants that will help assess areas of research with the greatest potential to accelerate the end of smoking.

Researchers, policy makers, smokers and others with relevant experience or expertise are being invited to contribute.

“We encourage everyone with an interest in reducing death and disease from smoking to share informed opinions and creative suggestions on where we should focus our research efforts,” said Dr. Derek Yach, the founder and president of the FSFW.

“In particular, we are looking for new ideas, fresh thinking and innovative collaborations – expanding beyond the traditional tobacco control community – that will deliver dramatic and rapid progress toward a smoke-free world.”

In a press note issued on Tuesday, the FSFW said that since the Foundation’s formation in September, its leadership had been listening to and engaging with public health experts from around the world in a variety of forums, including conferences, one-on-one meetings and a Foundation-hosted research symposium.

‘Through these discussions and experiences, it became apparent that some potential areas of research exploration will need more detailed scoping and development before the Foundation issues large-scale requests for research proposals in 2018,’ the note said.

‘To prepare for the launch of an aggressive set of research programs in 2018, the Foundation is now accepting letters of intent for early scoping grants to gather more information on potential research topics related to smoking cessation, harm reduction and alternative livelihoods for tobacco farmers. ‘These grants are detailed on the Foundation’s website, www.smokefreeworld.org. Letters of intent are due Monday, December 11, and are the first step of an application process that will culminate with the awarding of initial scoping grants in January.’

In parallel, the Foundation is asking for public input on four questions to help determine its highest research priorities.

‘The questions are designed to identify areas of unmet need and potentially significant impact on smoking cessation, harm reduction, and alternative livelihoods for tobacco farmers,’ the note said. ‘The public can respond to the questions through the Foundation’s website until December 18. The questions will inform a draft version of the Foundation’s research agenda that will go online for public review in early 2018.’


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