Glantz denies harassment

| December 8, 2017

A post-doctoral researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, US, has accused her supervisor, Professor Stanton Glantz, of sexual harassment, according to a story by Emily Deruy for the San Jose Mercury-News.

The allegations are contained in a lawsuit filed on Wednesday.

The researcher, Eunice Neeley, said she had filed a sexual harassment complaint with the university. But the lawsuit, which names as defendants also the UC regents who oversee the system, alleges nothing was done to protect her. She alleges, too, that the school and Glantz retaliated by removing her name from a paper she had researched.

Deruy reported that Glantz, whose formal title is the Truth Initiative Distinguished Professor of Tobacco Control’, did not immediately respond to a voicemail message seeking comment. In a blog post, though, he had denied the allegations.

Glantz had revealed in the same post that a second woman had filed a complaint against him in March.

‘Based on the complaint filed last March I deny the claims made at that time,’ he wrote.

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