In the bag

| January 12, 2018

ITM Group has acquired RNT Machinery in the Dominican Republic, complementing the operations of its SCM subsidiary.

RNT specializes in pouch-packing machinery, which is increasingly in demand.

The RNT pouch maker can pack pouches with between two and five cigars each at a speed of 150 pouches per minute. Later this year, RNT will present a machine that can pack 15 pouches in a display carton. The pouch packers can also handle food products.

Five years ago, SCM transferred its cigar activities from Europe to the Dominican Republic. The firm has more than 700 used cigar machines in stock and rebuilds cigar making and packing machines.

Employing more than 50 people, SCM supplies rebuilt and functionally overhauled machinery, along with “as is” equipment.


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