Prices ‘reasonably good’

| March 2, 2018

Flue-cured tobacco growers in the Indian state of Karnataka are being paid ‘reasonably good’ prices during the ongoing 2017 selling season, according to a story in the latest issue of the BBM Bommidala Group newsletter.

After 132 days of sales, growers were said to have sold 80.54 million kg against an authorized crop of 99 million kg.

Bright grades were said to have attracted an average price of about Rs162 per kg, while medium grades had earned an average of about Rs148 per kg and low grades an average of about Rs115 per kg.

Overall, the tobacco sold so far had gone for an average of Rs140 per kg, up from Rs134 per kg during the previous auctions.

Meanwhile, flue-cured tobacco auctions in Andhra Pradesh are due to start on March 8.

The Tobacco Board of India authorized a crop size of 136 million kg for the current season, but, according to official estimates, unhelpful weather means that it is likely to come in at about 120 million kg.

Andhra growers, faced with increased costs, are said to be demanding a price of at least Rs140 per kg.


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