Smoke and deliver

| March 20, 2018

A French member of the European Parliament has asked the EU Commission how it intends to check that tobacco manufacturers are complying with maximum cigarette delivery levels.

In a preamble to two questions, Philippe Juvin said that Article 3 of the Tobacco Products Directive laid down maximum emission levels for tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide and other substances.

‘With the same goal of curbing the harmfulness of tobacco products, Article 5 sets out that member states must require manufacturers to submit a list of the ingredients and emissions in their tobacco products.

‘In France, the National Committee Against Smoking (Comité national contre le tabagisme – CNCT) filed a complaint on 18 January 2018 against a number of cigarette manufacturers for ‘endangering’ the lives of others. The CNCT suspects that cigarette emission levels, which are duly regulated in the above directive, have been rigged.’

Juvin asked:

  1. ‘How will the Commission check that manufacturers are complying with Article 3 of the Tobacco Products Directive?
  2. ‘With a view to preventing emission levels from being rigged in any way and in accordance with Article 4 of that directive, does the Commission intend to adopt any delegated acts on measurement methods?’

The Commission is due to answer these questions in writing.


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