Committing to compliance

| June 11, 2018

During its annual general meeting, the Association of the Tobacco Industry of Cambodia (ATIC) expressed its commitment to compliance and its “One Industry” standard.

“’One industry’ standard reflects our commitment and strategies to ensure a level playing field amongst all industry players and to join together to tackle issues that put the industry at risk, including illegal cigarette sales, fake products, products with non-pictorial health warnings and products, which do not wear a legitimate tax stamp,” said Matt Naumann, president of ATIC.

Viniton Group Co. has left the association while Japan Tobacco International (Cambodia) Co. has rejoined it. ATIC now consists of PMI, Houtraco, British American Tobacco Cambodia (BATC) and JTI (Cambodia).

“At JTI, being in full compliance with relevant laws, regulations and tax obligations is part of our DNA,” said Cormac O’Rourke, general manager of JTI Cambodia.

“We have consistently led the way by setting the standard of behavior expected by a legitimate tobacco company. Our rejoining of ATIC will fuel commitment amongst all members of the association and players in the industry to adhere to relevant laws and regulations to the benefit of the entire industry.”

Naumann named the illicit trade in tobacco products as the industry’s No. 1 challenge, affecting individual companies, the industry at large, and public health.

“Therefore, one united voice from the industry led by ATIC and supported by government’s intervention to combat such illegal trade is in the best interest of everyone,” he said. “We encourage the government to continue their great effort of enforcement.”

In 2017, the illegal trade accounted for an estimated 20 percent of all cigarette sales, causing the government to miss out on approximately $10 million in tax revenues.









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